Top 3 Reasons to choose Narayana Vidyalayam For Your Child’s Future


Narayana Vidyalaya Nagpur

Narayana Vidyalayam is one of the trusted and well-known education societies that come with an uncompromising commitment. Its branches are located in Nagpur, Koradi, Chandrapur & Amravati. It aims to provide a quality level of education. 

 Narayana Vidyalayam is the best CBSE School in Nagpur for its premium quality infrastructure, highly educated faculty, application-based learning, and friendly & nurturing atmosphere.


  1. Highly Educated Faculty


Faculty of Narayana Vidyalayam

Narayana Vidyalayam has a highly skilled & professional teaching faculty that focuses on students' growth in terms of academics and curriculum activities with high caliber & interactive education. 

Narayana Vidyalayam is the best CBSE School in Nagpur where the faculty mainly focuses on clearing the concept of students to understand syllabus as well as a tough world of competitive exams.

Narayana believes in a friendly & nurturing atmosphere that celebrates cultural & national diversity. With an aim to achieve new horizons in education they provide extra learning ability, overall development opportunities for students.


2.      Globally driven Curriculum Activity  

In Narayana Vidyalayam many extra curriculum activities are performed like essay competitions, allocation competitions, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, various sports activities to improve qualities of students like thinking capacity, writing skills, stage daring, and getting more creative skills. Narayana Vidyalayam is the best school in Nagpur that mainly focuses on providing the most diverse and multifaceted opportunities for students to discover themselves beyond their ability where students are engaged, motivated, and excited to learn. All these activities increase students' enthusiasm, challenge them to grow and learn and experience growth in their skills...


Sports Activity

Various sports activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Dance.
  • Inline skating.
  • Cycling.
  • volleyball
  • Skateboarding.
  • football
  • cricket
  • Hockey
  • discuss throwing
  • long jump 

 3.      Culturally Rich Community

 With a commitment to providing comprehensive international quality education with seamless learning ability, Narayana aims to build a culturally rich community that fosters a spirit of awareness & understanding of life skills and encourages competent communication. Narayana dedicatedly works to understand every child's learning needs and fulfill student requirements in a supportive and caring environment. Narayana Vidyalayam focuses on ensuring that the students are future-ready for global opportunities and challenges to build a balanced, fun, and learning culture.